Bearing Predictor - predict life of bearings with Bearing Currents

BEPPE - BP1 - Bearing Predictor

Bearing predictor

What is it? First time, ever, that Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) can be measured, classified, counted, stored and used to predict life of bearings in variable speed drives and general use where there is a risk that electrical currents reduce bearing life.  

How does it work? The Bearing Predictor supervises voltage across the bearing with very high temporal resolution and detects fast voltage drops that occur whenever there is an EDM event in the bearing. It discriminates between EDM events from 20, 10 and 5 volts and increments counters for the respective levels accordingly. There are three counters; H, M and L for 20, 10 and 5 V. 

Why is it needed? Because EDM is one of the major failure causes in variable speed drives today. And it increases as a result of more and more VFDs being installed in more and more aplications where constant speed used to be installed before. It is then of great value to be able to find those drives where EDM will shorten bearing life. And it is important to find them during the first hours of operation so that counter-measures can be employed before the bearings fail.

Why is Beppe better than vibration monitoring? Because you cannot Predict failure with vibration monitoring - you can only see that it is alredy happening. With Beppe, you can find out during the first hours of operation if the bearings will deliver full L10 life or if it will fail in a few months or a year. It is then an easy matter to apply mitigation (like HiLite Common-Mode filters, grounding brushes or bonding) before any damage occurs. With vibration monitoring, you have to wait until damage has occurred and that will most likely result in an (unnecessary) bearing change.

What's New? We are now looking at a more user-friendly Bearing Predictor (Beppe II) with OLED, wireless communication, touch-screen and a built-in expert system that aids in deciding what mitigation, if any, that shall be applied. There will probably also be some kind of energy harvesting, which will make battery change a thing of the past.


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