ARCUS IV - The Arc that bridges old and new technology and solves intermittent, difficult and impossible problems 

What is it? ARCUS IV is an affordable and extremely simple recorder for Drives and Automation signals. It has ten channels and samples at 50 000 samples per second. It has a very complete trig system and it works both as a trigged recorder and as a continuous "paper" recorder that can be stopped and started - just as an old Brush-Gold recorder.

How does it work? Well, to put it simply, it just works. The fixed input signal range is -10 V up to +30 V. There is no need to select range and it covers analogue signals as well as PLC signals. The sampling is also fixed at 50 000 samples/second. No setting needed there either. For those rare occasions where other settings are needed, lower sampling frequencies are possible and for millivolt signals and other low-level signals, there are commercial amplifiers available. 

Why is it needed? Because recording is the only method that works when you need to find out what is going on in a system where unexpected phenomena are taking place. SCADA systems are supposed to handle that situation, but we have so often been asked to analyse problems where the needed signals were either not recorded or the time resolution wasn't good enough that we finally decided to "Roll Our Own" recorder and build all the possibilities into it that we need.

What can it do besides recording? There are several functions where the ARCUS IV shines: Cursor measurements - there are four cursors and there is a set of smart cursor functions like 63.2% point, tangent and snap functions, divide-by-n, area, energy and RMS calculations between cursors and there are four cursors. OK, we mentioned that already. There are also FFT and Harmonics and X/Y diagrams with selectable X channel and up to nine Y channels. Low pass filter without phase shift and a built-in generator for educational and training purposes. We have probably forgotten a few of ARCUS IV:s abilities, you will find them when you need them.

What's New? We are now looking at an even faster ARCUS that will utilize the new USB standard and also have an even higher resolution so that encoder signals and mV signals shall be possible to record directly. Not that we think that it is needed, but it would be a shame not to use the latest technology. It is better, faster, cheaper, after all. Watch this space for news!

Read the Gist of it in ARCUS IV in practical use eng.pdf    The Transformer_inrush_single_phase.pdf is also good reading.

PDF Description
Electricity meter report March 2010 1.pdf kWh meters behave erratically with dimmers and switch mode power supplies.
ARCUS IV in practical use eng.pdf ARCUS IV introduction and examples of use
ARCUS praktik kursunderlag 3 kondensatormaetningar.pdf Kontrollera kondensatorer i frekvensomriktare
Copier mains voltage and current at start 1.txt Shows mains voltage and current during copier heat-up.
ARCUS_och_4_20_mA_current_loop.pdf Mät upp till fem olika strömslingor samtidigt
ARCUS IV introduktion och exempelsamling.pdf Det mesta om nya ARCUS IV. Filter, FFT och Harmonics för mindre än 10 kSEK!
Mains voltage w triac controlled 10 A load 1.txt AC mains w Triac controlled load.
Winder mars 2012.pdf Hälsokontroll på omrullare för papper. Se praktikfall med tre åtgärdade problem. ARCUS at work!
ARCUS praktik kursunderlag 5 trefasmotormaetningar.pdf Kontrollera varvkortslutning, rotationsriktning med mera
Transformer_inrush_single_phase.pdf Transformer inrush depends on where voltage is switched on. See how in these ARCUS recordings.
Induction motor wrong connection 1.txt Checking induction motor Connection. This one is wrong.
ARCUS IV tool belt 1 some guys have all the luck.jpg Lucky guy! An ARCUS IV in his tool belt - and a cool beer after work well done.