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Bearing predictor

Vi bygger om hemsidan. Om du har problem att hitta så är det vårt problem. Inte ditt.

We are rebuilding the site. So, if there's a problem - it is entirely our problem, not yours.

Wir bauen um. So, wenn da ein Problem ist - wir sind Schuld daran, Sie nicht.

Le Site est sous réconstruction. S'il y a un problème - il est de notre faute - pas le vôtre.

We do speak all the languages above. For simplicity, the rest of the site will be mostly in English. We are situated in Central Sweden but we do work all over the World and on very short notice.

Talking about problems - we specialize in "Unusual, Difficult, Intermittent and Impossible Problems". Mostly in Electrical Power Systems, Variable Speed Drives (DC and AC and "Vintage Drives") as well as Measurement and Automation systems where interference from PWM drives and Thyristor drives is known to cause problems.

EDM - Electrical Erosion in Bearings, or simply Bearing Currents, is where we do most of our work and that is where we have developed Measuring and Mitigation Methods that are slowly being used all over the World. The Bearing Predictor or Beppe (picture) is the first tool that measures, classifies and stores EDM events. Use it to predict if a new installation will live or fail. "Prediction Horizon" is from a few weeks to many years.

A very special service that we offer is to repair "century old" (30 - 50 years) analogue control boards and Gating Units for Thyristor Drives or replace them with modern micro-processor controlled units with USB interface for parameter setting, diagnosis and graphics. Blow new life into your trusted DC Drives - Keep cabinets and cabling, keep the expensive Power Parts like Contactors, Line Reactors, Thyristors etcetera and replace the old analoge parts that you can't find anywhere anymore. Bonus: Get complete gating pulse symmetry and reduce DC Machine Collector Arcing and Brush Wear.

If in doubt - try our "No Cure - No Pay" option. You can't lose! Give us a ring at +46 70 651 07 84 for a quick estimate. Our normal work hours are Central European Office hours - but someone will answer your call any time. Also during Week-Ends and Holidays.